erotis Foam Earwax Removal Kit


Having earwax buildup is no fun. It can affect your day to day life. If left untreated, excessive earwax buildup can lead to ear discomfort, itchy ears and reduced hearing. Serotis Foam Earwax Removal Kit is designed to soften and remove earwax inside the ear canal. It is the safe and effective way to remove earwax buildup in the privacy of your own home.

Kit Includes:

Serotis Ear Cleansing Foam 45 ml, Ear Bulb Syringe 60 ml.

• Dermatologically tested.
• Paraben free.
• Allergen free.
• pH 5,5


Adults and children over 12 years of age.

Step 1:
• Apply Serotis Foam to your external ear canal by pressing its foam pump only once.
• Spread foam to your external ear canal by rubbing with your fingers and wait 3 minutes.
• Rinse with warm water (approximately 37°C)
• Repeat 2-3 times daily, if necessary for approximately 4-5 days.

Step 2:
After using the ear foam for 4-5 days, cleanse the ear canal of any remaining earwax or drops by using the ear bulb syringe as follows:
• Fill ear bulb syringe with warm water.
• Gently position the nozzle of the ear bulb syringe into the opening of the ear canal but no further.
• Cleanse the ear.
• Repeat Step 2 for your other ear if necessary.


For external use only. Do not drink or swallow. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Use only for your ear cleaning. If any adverse effect occurs, stop using the product and consult your doctor.

Do not use if you have;
• Damage on your ear drum or ear canal
• Sensitivity on your ear canal
• Chronic skin disease
• Ear infection
• Suffer from dizziness
• Allergy to the ingredients

Store at room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight.


What is earwax (cerumen)?

Contrary to what most people think, earwax is a good thing. It keeps the ear clean and protects the ear by trapping dirt particles, dust and bacteria.
In most people, earwax does not cause a problem; however in some people, too much earwax can. Often influenced by outside factors (air and sound pollution, wearing ear phones etc.) the ear produces too much cerumen or cannot eliminate the excess that progressively accumulates in the ear canal.
Excessive earwax can build up and block the ear canal leading to ear discomfort, itching, partial loss of hearing and other conditions.

Serotis Foam Earwax Removal Kit

The foam softens and dissolves built-up earwax and the soft bulb syringe safely flushes away excess wax from ear canal.