Rinofresh Panthenol Nasal Ointment


Lubricates and maintains the hydration of the nasal mucosa.

Place of use:

• In case of dry and/or atrophic nasal mucosa caused by particular environmental conditions, nasal sprays, aerosol therapy or temporary pathologies (i.e. rhinitis medicamentosa or allergic rhinitises, ozena), • In order to reduce the consequences of epistaxis also when caused by a direct impact, • In order to facilitate endoscopic examination and/or tamponade maneuvers.


• Panthenol • Vitamin A • Vitamin E • Aloe Vera


Apply a small amount of ointment inside of each nostril 1-3 times a day and massage it gently to spread the ointment throughout the nares.


• Do not apply into eyes, mouth or ears.
• For external use only. Do not drink or swallow.
• In case of advers reactions, stop treatment and consult a doctor.
• Do not use in case of unknown hypersensitivity to any of the constituents of the product.
• Close the bottle tightly after use.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Store under 20° C, keep away from direct sunlight.