About Us

BS Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics conducts research and development activities focused on human health
and well being in accordance with its determined mission as an “innovative” corporation.

Foundation of the research and development activities is constituted by innovativeness, quality and the value
given to human beings. We work in order to produce high-quality and specific products and solutions for
human health, care and beauty with our project teams consisting of expert researchers from different
disciplines and scientific fields.


Producing innovative, pioneer and specific products and solutions for human health, care and beauty.


Becoming one of the leader firms in Turkish Drugs and Cosmetics Market and a universally known firm with
our innovative and specific products.


Human Well Being
Human health, well being and care is our main purpose.

We believe that ambition is the first step that leads us to our target. Development and advancement can be
achieved by ambition.

We believe that quality is the foundation of a product or service. We work to maintain constant increase in
quality in production and service phases.

We act with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative perspective for constant growth and development.

We believe that change is the key to development. We work not to be included in the change, but to lead it.

We believe that success can be achieved by teamwork and cooperation.